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Consultancy Services

Photometric Testing’s consultants provide a variety of on-site training, light measurement and statutory light nuisance measurement services. We can also assist companies who require support in applying LED lighting, from electronic failure analysis and system design to full photometric lighting design proposals.

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Photometric Testing can present its popular one day training course in photometry and light measurement on-site. This is a more cost-effective solution for a large company group. Our training helps you to understand LED and lighting specifications, to separate truth from fiction and shows you how to measure and express the output of your products.

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Photometric Testing offers guidance to councils, lighting designers, installers, manufacturers and anyone else using lighting in an urban or rural environment on whether or not lighting installations constitute a Statutory Light Nuisance under the terms of Part III of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA).

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Photometric Testing can assist companies who require support in applying LED lighting in both commercial and industrial situations, from failure analysis and system product design to full photometric lighting design proposals to comply with current legislation. Our consultants have worked closely with large organisations on solid state lighting roll-out programs and have recently supported Sports England in their first sports hall installation using specifically designed LED fixtures.

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