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Photometric & Optical Testing Service Overview

Here at Photometric Testing, we provide measurement services, training and consultancy related to light and lighting, the energy efficiency of lighting products, photobiological safety and to the optical properties of materials.

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For light souces, displays and signs, we measure the amount of light produced, its colour, its rendering quaility and its spatial or angular distribution. We also report the energy efficiency (LOR, luminous efficacy, energy efficiency index) and photobiological risk group. We compile photometric data in .ies and .ldt (EULUMDAT) standard formats as well as UGR glare rating tables. We also measure the optical properties of materials (reflectance, transmittance and scatter).

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Photometric Testing delivers training in three subjects: laser safety (with reference to EN 60825); photometry and light measurement; and the photobiological safety of lamps and lighting (with reference to EN 62471). Training courses are presented in our of our two training facilities (Milton Keynes and Cheltenham) or we can deliver a bespoke training course to a client in-house.

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Photometric Testing's consultants are pleased to assist companies who require support in applying LED lighting in both commercial and industrial situations, from failure analysis and system product design to full photometric lighting design proposals to comply with current legislation. On-site measurement services are available and we also offer an on-site statutory light nuisance analysis service.

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