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Testing of Signs and Displays


For LCD and LED displays as well as traffic signs and signals, we can measure spot luminance (cd/m2) and colour as well as the full spatial (2D) luminance and colour distribution. We can also measure display view angle and contrast ratio goniophotometrically. We also measure the high speed PWM modulation of LEDs as well as display flicker.

What We Can Measure?

Relevant Standards

  • Spectral radiance (W/sr.m2.nm)
  • Spot luminance (cd/m2)
  • Spatial luminance & colour
  • CIE 1931 2° chromaticity (xy)
  • Colour temperature (Kelvin)
  • Flicker
  • View Angle
  • BS EN 12899 parts 1-2

The photometric quantity normally of interest with signs and displays is luminance. Luminance is the amount of light emitted from a defined area (spot) on the light source per unit solid angle, and is expressed in units of candelas per square meter (cd/m2). Photometric Testing can perform luminance measurements on a spot-by-spot basis using a spot spectroradiometer, or the total area of the light source, sign or display can be analysed using an imaging photometer. The latter technique is valuable for determining localed luminance differences. In addition to measuring the luminance, we can also measure the spot and area colour of the device under test. For displays, the view angle is an important criteria and Photometric Testing can meassure this using our goniophotometer system.

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